You’ll NEVER Guess What the Government is Proposing for Your Washing Machine

In an effort to combat the global climate crisis, the Biden administration has proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines that require new appliances to use significantly less water.

However, leading industry corporations argue that the mandates force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance to ensure their machines comply, leading to longer cycle times, higher detergent costs, and less clean clothes.

This proposal is just another example of the Biden administration’s push for consumer regulations to advance green initiatives.

The proposed washing machine change is part of the administration’s efforts to come for your gas stove, following a leaked proposal in February that would have banned half of America’s gas stoves and heavily regulated refrigerators.

While the Department of Energy argues that these standards will reduce consumer spending on energy and water, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers argues that the regulations would have a disproportionate, negative impact on low-income households by eliminating cheaper appliances from the market.

The Energy Department estimates that manufacturers will incur nearly $700 million in conversion costs to transition to the new machines.

However, past regulations have often been found to reduce performance, leading to skepticism about the proposal’s potential negative consequences for consumers.