You’ll Never Guess Who’s Being Blamed for The Latest Biden Fiasco…

The Silicon Valley Bank collapse has been a recent cause for concern, and the Biden administration is quick to point fingers at Trump-era regulations for the issue.

However, not everyone is convinced that this is the root cause of the problem. Brian Kilmeade, co-host of ‘Fox & Friends, has criticized the administration’s tendency to blame Trump for every issue that arises.

Kilmeade pointed out that blaming Trump for everything from train derailments to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is nonsensical.

In response to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, Biden has reassured Americans that their deposits are safe and that the federal government will guarantee access to their funds.

However, the administration has fired the leadership at both banks and is not offering protection to the banks’ investors.

It’s important for the Biden administration to take responsibility for the issues at hand and stop blaming Trump for everything.

The administration needs to start delivering on its promises and addressing the concerns of the American people. The blame game is not a solution.