The Unexpected Leader In The GOP Primary – Not Who You Think!

Greetings, fellow Republican voters! The latest New York Times/Siena College poll brings us intriguing insights into the 2024 race between President Biden and former President Trump. Both candidates find themselves tied with 43% support overall from registered voters surveyed. However, it’s not all good news for either of them, as they continue to grapple with high disapproval numbers. 54% of voters disapprove of Biden, while 55% disapprove of Trump, according to the survey.

Despite these less-than-favorable ratings, both Biden and Trump maintain their positions as front-runners for their respective party’s presidential nomination. Trump is currently leading the GOP primary with a solid 54% support, leaving Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis far behind at just 17%. It’s clear that Trump’s base remains loyal and steadfast.

However, things aren’t entirely smooth for the former president. Trump faces criminal indictments based on allegations of illegally retaining classified documents after leaving the White House, making him the first president to face such federal indictment. He has pleaded not guilty, but the accusations certainly raise concerns.

According to the poll, a majority of voters (51%) believe that Trump has committed serious federal crimes. Additionally, 53% of respondents think that his actions challenging the 2020 presidential election “”went so far that he threatened American democracy.”” These are weighty allegations that could have an impact on his political future.

On the Democratic side, Biden enjoys a comfortable lead in the primary with 64% support compared to his challengers, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson. However, this doesn’t mean all Democratic voters are entirely sold on him for 2024.

Half of the voters planning to participate in the primary are looking for an alternative to Biden. Among them, 39% cite Biden’s advanced age of 80 years old as their primary reason for seeking someone else. An additional 20% express dissatisfaction with Biden’s job performance, while 14% simply want a fresh face in the race. Only a small 5% consider Biden’s mental acuity a deciding factor.

The White House has tried to address concerns about Biden’s age, especially after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent forgetful moment during a news conference. However, the press secretary emphasizes Biden’s accomplishments, such as beating Republicans at the ballot box since 2020 and his handling of the economy, as evidence of his capability to lead.

Nonetheless, nearly half of voters rate the economy as “”poor,”” and an even more substantial majority (65%) believe the country is heading in the wrong direction under Biden’s watch.

As we gear up for the 2024 race, it’s essential to keep a close eye on how things unfold. Both Biden and Trump face challenges and high disapproval ratings, which may shape the dynamics of the upcoming election. Fellow Republican voters, let’s stay informed and engaged to make our voices heard in this crucial election!

Source Fox News