The Real Power Player Behind Those Fuel Standards.

Greetings, fellow conservatives! Today, we dive into the story of Ann Carlson, the former NHTSA pick under President Biden. You might remember her from the headlines when her nomination got pulled after facing criticism for her climate activism past. But that’s not the end of the tale.

Despite not getting the Senate’s green light, Carlson remains at the NHTSA as the acting administrator. Last week, she was at the forefront of announcing the ambitious fuel efficiency standards that automakers aren’t too thrilled about. The plan calls for a 2% and 4% improvement in fuel efficiency for passenger cars and light trucks, respectively, starting in 2027. And they want the average U.S. fleet fuel economy to hit 58 miles per gallon by 2032.

Now, some might say, “”Hey, that’s great for the environment!”” But hold up, there’s more to it. The so-called Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards might reduce carbon emissions and oil dependence, but at a hefty price. These standards could raise car prices, making electric vehicles seem like the cheaper option, even though they still burn a hole in our wallets.

We must be vigilant about this and make sure our voices are heard. Despite facing Senate opposition, Carlson is actively pushing Biden’s climate agenda. Let’s stand united and demand accountability. Together, we can protect our rights and ensure that America’s interests are always put first!

Source Fox News