Hunter Biden’s China Venture – The Curious Details Revealed!

Recent revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s emails have cast a spotlight on his business dealings with a Chinese tycoon, Che Feng. The emails, reviewed by Fox News Digital, show that Feng was enamored with Hunter due to his “”last name”” and association with “”handsome godlike Aryan men.””

In 2011, Hunter shared his excitement with business partner Devon Archer about securing a lucrative venture with Jonathan Li’s firm, Bohai Capital, thanks to Feng’s assistance. The joint venture eventually gave rise to Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), controlled by Bank of China Limited.

Archer’s testimony to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee added to the intrigue. He disclosed that Biden had interactions with Li while serving as vice president and even wrote a college recommendation letter for Li’s daughter.

The email thread from 2011 revealed Feng’s intention to involve other Chinese companies backed by the CCP in the venture. Hunter and Archer saw this as an opportunity to enhance their firm’s profile and credibility significantly.

Hunter’s assertion that his last name and association with “”handsome Aryan godlike men”” endeared him to Feng may appear peculiar, but it seems to have played a role in their relationship.

The emails also indicated Hunter’s desire to share the venture’s success equally with Archer, solidifying their partnership.

These revelations raise valid concerns about the Biden family’s business ties with China. Transparency and accountability should always be at the forefront of our democratic values, and as Republicans, it is our responsibility to ensure that our leaders adhere to these principles.

Source Fox News