SHOCKING Efforts to Boost a Vice President’s Approval Ratings, That Have Everyone Talking

Hey, high schoolers! Are you tired of hearing your parents complain about the Biden administration? Well, they’re not wrong. The White House is already trying to revamp Kamala Harris’ image ahead of the 2024 presidential election because she’s not doing a great job.

Charlie Hurt, a Washington Times opinion editor, and Fox News contributor, says the White House sees Harris as a “drag on the ticket” due to her poor approval ratings. They picked her because of her identity politics background, not her actual ability to do the job.

Judge Jeanine Pirro from “The Five” agrees that Harris is not up to the job. Pirro has yet to hear Harris give a good or forceful speech, and her poll numbers are lower than Biden’s.

Harris is seen as an embarrassment on the world stage, and the White House is desperately trying to improve her image.

So, if you’re old enough to vote in the next election, remember that competency should come first, not just identity politics. And if you’re not old enough to vote yet, study hard so that one day, you can make a difference in this country.