You’ll Be Shocked To Know What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

As we watch President Joe Biden announce his re-election campaign, it’s important to remember what he’s promising. Unfortunately, what he’s delivering is corruption, incompetence, and coercion.

Let’s start with corruption. The media and the Department of Justice have been protecting Biden’s son, Hunter, from the consequences of his shady dealings with foreign billionaires and governments.

It’s clear that the Biden family has a history of influence peddling that goes back to when Joe Biden was vice president. The flow of money only gets worse the more we learn about it, and it’s clear that President Biden is one of the most corrupt presidents in American history.

And it’s not just the Bidens. When Secretary of State Antony Blinken ran the Penn-Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Chinese communists poured millions into the university. Blinken also got 51 intelligence officers to sign a letter that lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The corruption runs deep in the Biden administration, and it’s unlikely to be prosecuted because Attorney General Merrick Garland is the most partisan attorney general since John Mitchell in the Nixon administration.

Incompetence is also rampant in the Biden administration. From the uninformed and clueless Vice President Kamala Harris to the disastrous inflation and weakening economy, the Biden administration can’t seem to get anything right. The border remains open, criminals are released from jail, and the teachers’ unions defend failing schools.

Transportation is also in disarray under Biden, with train wrecks and air travel system shutdowns happening on his watch. Meanwhile, infrastructure projects are bogged down in unnecessary regulations and union work rules, making Democrat-run cities unaffordable.

The border crisis is allowing in millions of people illegally, along with huge quantities of drugs and a wave of human trafficking and criminal penetration.

Beyond corruption and incompetence, the Biden administration is using coercion against the American people. The level of coercion is beyond anything we’ve seen in America.

At America’s New Majority Project, we’ve been studying the values and beliefs of the American people since 2018.

We’ve found that the number of areas in which the Biden administration and national Democrats are attempting to force change on the American people is astonishing. They are ignoring the will of the people and marching on in lockstep.