Major revelations surface in a high-profile investigation

New revelations have surfaced regarding the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, shedding light on potential obstruction and political interference in the investigation. According to testimony from IRS whistleblowers, federal investigators were aware in December 2019 that the laptop contained reliable evidence, contradicting claims of Russian disinformation. These revelations raise serious concerns about the integrity of the investigation and the extent of political influence.

Gary Shapley Jr., the supervisor of the investigation at the IRS, testified that decisions throughout the Hunter Biden probe appeared to favor the subject of the investigation. The investigation, codenamed “Sportsman,” originated from an IRS investigation into a foreign-based online pornography platform. However, the connection between the platform and Biden remains unclear.

In October 2019, the FBI discovered a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, which they verified as authentic. The laptop’s possession by the FBI led to the notification of potential evidence of tax crimes to the IRS. However, access to the laptop and its contents was obstructed from the investigators, raising questions about the fairness of the investigation.

The authenticity of the laptop was corroborated by the FBI, despite attempts by Biden allies to dismiss it as Russian disinformation. A public letter signed by 51 former national security officials claimed that the laptop exhibited characteristics of a Russian information operation. However, it was later revealed that the Biden campaign orchestrated the letter to discredit stories related to the laptop.

These revelations highlight the extent of obstruction and political interference in the Hunter Biden investigation. Whistleblower testimony indicates deliberate efforts to limit questioning about Joe Biden and to withhold the laptop from investigators.

These actions impede the thorough examination of evidence and raise concerns about the potential existence of other criminal activities involving Hunter Biden or even President Biden.

As more information emerges, it becomes evident that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal deserves further scrutiny and investigation. Transparency and accountability are essential for the American people, and it is crucial to ensure that justice is served in this case. Stay tuned for updates as the truth continues to unfold, revealing the true nature of this scandal.

Source Fox News