Another Biden blunder: The devastating consequences revealed.

Coastal towns and businesses are facing an imminent threat that could have disastrous consequences. The Biden administration has proposed new speed limits for boats along the East Coast, citing the need to protect the endangered right whale. However, these restrictions pose a severe risk to the tourism and fishing industries that sustain many hardworking Americans.

The proposed rule would limit boat speeds to 11 miles per hour, significantly hindering the enjoyment and economic viability of recreational boating. This restriction would have a devastating impact on charter boat companies like Freddy Gamboa’s, who rightfully argues that customers won’t be interested in boarding a boat that can only reach a maximum speed of 10 knots.

The ramifications of these speed limits extend beyond boat captains. Andy Joseph, owner of the Boatyard restaurant, emphasizes the importance of tourism and fishing to his business model. The proposed restrictions threaten to disrupt these industries and jeopardize the livelihoods of countless individuals who rely on them.

The negative consequences will reverberate throughout coastal towns, affecting businesses like Fishermen’s Supply and the Surfside Motel. The limitations on boat speed will deter visitors, leading to potential closures and job losses. The Marine Manufacturers Association estimates that the proposed rule could put 340,000 jobs and $84 billion in boat tourism at risk.

Critics argue that the rule is disproportionate to the actual problem it aims to solve. While there is a concern for the well-being of right whales, the number of reported whale strikes from boats under 65 feet in the past 15 years is incredibly low. Republican congressman Buddy Carter raises valid points, highlighting that even according to NOAA’s calculations, the chances of a right whale strike are less than one in a million.

To protect the interests of coastal communities, Congressman Carter and Representative Mary Peltola have introduced a bill to defund the rule before it can be implemented. They recognize the need to strike a balance between environmental concerns and the economic well-being of the hardworking Americans who depend on coastal industries.

It is crucial for Republicans to stand united against this overreach of government power. Our coastal towns and the businesses that drive them must be safeguarded from unnecessary and burdensome regulations.

The proposed speed limits threaten to cripple our economy and undermine the livelihoods of countless individuals. Together, we must fight for our rights and protect our coastal communities from this assault on our freedoms.

Stay tuned for further updates on this critical issue. By joining forces, we can make a difference and ensure that our coastal communities thrive without sacrificing our fundamental principles.

Source Fox News