You’ll Never Guess the latest news from Russia.

World leaders and foreign ministers have reacted swiftly to the news of the Wagner Group’s march towards Moscow, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin. As tensions escalate, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and their national security team have been briefed continuously to ensure they are up to speed.

President Biden wasted no time in reaching out to key allies, including French President Macron, German Chancellor Scholz, and British Prime Minister Sunak. Together, they expressed their unwavering support for Ukraine and pledged to stand strong against any aggression from Russia.

Secretary Blinken took to social media to discuss the ongoing situation, highlighting the United States’ commitment to close coordination with allies and partners. This message underscores the importance of unity and collaboration in navigating this evolving crisis.

While the Russian Foreign Ministry warned Western countries against exploiting the domestic situation in Russia for their Russophobic goals, the international community remains concerned. The Wagner Group’s march, claiming control of Rostov-on-Don, signals a dangerous escalation.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy condemned those who choose the path of evil and emphasized the apparent weakness of Russia. He warned that Russia’s presence on Ukrainian soil would only bring chaos, pain, and future problems for the aggressor.

Foreign officials from various countries have shared their thoughts on social media, expressing a mix of concern and a call for responsibility. The international community closely follows the developments, searching for the best way to support Ukraine and ensure stability in the region.

In conclusion, the global response to the escalating tensions in Russia is united in condemning further aggression. Protecting civilians and promoting stability are paramount. Diplomatic efforts and international collaboration will play a crucial role in resolving this crisis and securing justice for Ukraine.

Source Fox News