Another brazen act of espionage that will surprise you!

A group of determined Republican Senators has joined forces to demand answers from President Biden about a concerning incident that took place earlier this year. A Chinese spy balloon was allowed to float across the United States, raising serious questions about our national security.

Led by Senators Marco Rubio and Roger Wicker, these lawmakers are frustrated with the lack of transparency from the Biden administration. It has been four months since the incident, and yet the American people still do not have a full accounting of how this spy platform was allowed to traverse our territory and what it collected during its mission.

The senators are urging President Biden to direct administration officials to release information to the public regarding this Chinese spy balloon. They rightly point out that the administration has not taken appropriate steps to hold China accountable for its actions.

China, under the control of the Communist Party, has been increasingly aggressive in threatening our national security. From dangerous maneuvers in the South China Sea to human rights violations and threats against Taiwan, China’s actions are deeply concerning. We must expose Beijing’s efforts to collect intelligence against the United States and take decisive action to protect our interests.

The senators call on the Biden administration to release all appropriate information about the Chinese spy balloon. They emphasize the need to stand up to China’s attempts to silence us and to respond firmly to their ongoing violations. Our resolve and credibility are at stake, and we cannot afford to show weakness.

We must support the senators’ efforts to hold the Biden administration accountable and demand transparency. Together, we can ensure that the American people have the answers they deserve and safeguard our national security.

Source Fox News