Another jaw-dropping moment with President Biden, You’ll Never Guess Who

The glaring bias of the mainstream media was once again on full display when they chose to ignore President Biden’s recent outburst at a reporter, exposing their double standard and further eroding their credibility.

Last week, Biden lashed out at New York Post reporter Steven Nelson, dismissing a question about allegations of his involvement in a dubious business deal. Surprisingly, both CNN and MSNBC conveniently overlooked this incident, failing to mention it in their coverage. The New York Times, Washington Post, and other major legacy outlets also chose to skip over the story, as if it were insignificant.

This stark contrast in treatment between Biden and former President Trump is a clear indication of the media’s biased agenda. Throughout Trump’s presidency, any clash he had with journalists was magnified, with outlets like The New York Times, Axios, CNN, and NBC condemning his “vicious attacks” on the press. They went as far as linking his rhetoric to violence against reporters during the 2020 riots.

Yet, with Biden in office, the mainstream media’s outrage seems to have disappeared. Their supposed concern for journalists’ safety and press freedom has proven to be nothing more than a political tool to attack their ideological opponents.

Michael Grynbaum of The New York Times declared 2019 as “the darkest yet for journalists in the Trump era,” citing Trump’s labeling of the media as “fake news” as a threat to press freedom. CNN’s Jim Acosta even compared his clashes with Trump to physical abuse, claiming to bear physical marks from covering the White House. Such exaggerations undermine the real dangers faced by journalists in countries where press freedom is genuinely under attack.

Meanwhile, Biden’s habit of snapping at reporters and evading tough questions is met with silence from the very media outlets that once decried Trump’s treatment of journalists. Whether he tells a reporter to “shush up” or demands they “give me a break,” Biden’s behavior barely makes a ripple in their coverage.

It is evident that the mainstream media’s agenda is not about holding leaders accountable or maintaining journalistic integrity. Their priority lies in advancing their own political narratives and protecting those who align with their ideology.

As passionate Republican voters, we must remain vigilant and seek out alternative sources of news that provide a fair and balanced perspective. Only by doing so can we stay informed and hold our leaders accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned for more articles that expose the mainstream media’s bias and reveal the truth they work so hard to conceal.

Source Fox News