You’ll Never Guess Which 2024 Hopeful Is Declaring War Against Chinese Tech

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has laid out her ambitious strategy to counter the growing threat from China and address the Biden administration’s green energy mandates, which she believes favor Beijing.

Haley’s approach involves implementing sanctions against China and revising policies that inadvertently benefit our geopolitical adversary. At the top of her agenda is ending the green energy mandates, transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing electric vehicles and solar panels. Critics argue that this shift plays into the hands of China and Chinese companies.

Her proposed changes extend to banning the use of federal taxpayer money to purchase Chinese tech and replacing Chinese-made products with American alternatives. Haley also aims to tackle China’s involvement in the U.S. fentanyl crisis, block Chinese instant messaging and payment apps used by criminals, and close loopholes in customs rules.

The recent Chinese surveillance balloon incident has raised concerns, prompting Haley to call for the U.S. to withdraw from the Scientific and Technological Cooperation partnership, which could be exploited by China.

Haley is determined to maintain anti-China sanctions and reject any softening of the U.S. stance, emphasizing the need for stronger military ties with allies, support for Taiwan, and restrictions on exports to China. Her approach is firmly grounded in leading from a position of strength.

Nikki Haley’s comprehensive plan reflects her unwavering commitment to safeguarding America’s interests and countering China’s aggression. With her at the helm, the U.S. can be assured of a resolute and principled response to the challenges posed by China’s rise.

Source Fox News