Another DOJ Tactic, And You’ll Never Guess Who They’re After Now.

Greetings, fellow Republican voters! Today, we explore a story that delves into potential intimidation and corruption within President Biden’s Department of Justice. I’m here to present this report from a different perspective, maintaining the spirit of the issue without duplicating the tone and style of previous coverage.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace, a strong Republican from South Carolina, has expressed concerns about the Biden family’s business dealings. She emphasizes the need to corroborate suspicious activity reports and bank records linked to Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer. The central question lingers: Was Joe Biden involved in any of these questionable transactions? Were there instances of corruption, money laundering, or bribery?

The situation intensified when the Biden’s DOJ sent a letter to Archer just before his scheduled testimony before the House Oversight Committee. The timing raised eyebrows and led to accusations of witness intimidation. Mace was taken aback by the contents of this letter, and she calls on Archer to be truthful during his interview with the committee. As Republican voters, we demand transparency and fairness in the proceedings.

In addition to Mace’s concerns, five other House Republicans have requested an emergency hearing to address possible DOJ interference in the congressional investigation regarding President Biden and Hunter Biden.

Fellow Republicans, we find ourselves at a critical juncture in our pursuit of accountability. We must not allow the DOJ to obstruct justice and impede our representatives from seeking the truth. If Archer fails to testify, these lawmakers are committed to holding every DOJ official involved accountable. Attorney General Merrick Garland may also face questioning on this matter.

Let’s stay vigilant and united in our fight for transparency and integrity in our government. Together, we can uphold the values we hold dear and ensure a just system that benefits all Americans.

Source Fox News