You’ll NEVER guess what Americans think about Biden’s presidency

As a high school student, it’s hard not to be disappointed in the performance of President Biden. From the economy to foreign policy, his time in office has been nothing short of a failure.

First and foremost, his policies have hurt the economy, especially his decision to halt oil and natural gas leases on public lands. This has raised the cost of everything, from gas to groceries, and has hurt working-class families who are already struggling to make ends meet.

His handling of the border crisis has also been disastrous, with illegal immigration reaching unprecedented levels. The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was also mishandled, resulting in the deaths of American service members and civilians.

As a young person, I am also concerned about the future of our country. Biden’s push for more government control and higher taxes seems to go against the values of individual liberty and limited government that our country was founded on.

Overall, Joe Biden has been a failure as President, and it’s up to the American people to demand better leadership and accountability from our elected officials.