You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who Our Enemies Are Laughing At

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is struggling to keep up with the demands of the presidency. From stumbling on stairs to forgetting the name of his Defense Secretary, Biden’s cognitive decline is a real concern for the American people.

Despite this, the mainstream media continues to turn a blind eye to the issue. They would rather ignore Biden’s incompetence than admit that they were wrong about his ability to lead the country.

But while the media plays politics, our enemies are taking notice. China and Russia see Biden’s cognitive decline as an opportunity to gain an advantage over the United States.

They are making big moves and consolidating power while Biden mumbles his way through speeches and waits for his next chocolate chip ice cream treat.

The fact that the most powerful nation in the world is currently under the “control” of a senile old man with incompetent puppeteers is a gift to our enemies. They see this as a hot iron they should strike and strike repeatedly.

We are witnessing a massive attempt at a global shift in power as America continues to experience old and new problems brought about by this administration’s incompetence.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and realize that Biden’s cognitive decline is putting our nation in danger.

It’s time for the Democrats to put the good of the country ahead of their own political agenda. If they won’t remove Biden from office, then they need to be removed themselves. We need a strong leaders who can think on their feet and defend America against our enemies.