You WON’T Believe Who Joined Biden on His Latest Trip

Republican Representative James Comer from Kentucky appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” to slam President Biden’s trip to Ireland with his son, Hunter Biden.

Comer, who is also the House Oversight Committee Chairman, called the inclusion of Hunter Biden amid investigations a “sad part of our American history.” He went on to criticize the Biden family’s business plan, claiming that they take money from adversaries around the world for doing things that are yet to be determined.

Comer also expressed his concern about the reports of Hunter Biden’s bank violations, which include suspicions of money laundering, being an unregistered foreign agent, taking money from sanctioned countries, doing business with agencies under investigation for human trafficking, and owing significant amounts of taxes.

He described these reports in the banks’ own words and said that this is the guy who is leading the President of the United States around on the international stage.

Comer believes that this story is not going away and is only getting worse every day. He said that every time a new bank account or hidden LLC is discovered, it opens up another Pandora’s box, leading to more bank records and direct deposits from adversaries around the world. He hopes that his committee can give a report to the American people about all the wrongdoing that the Biden family is involved in.