You WON’T Believe What This GOP Rep Thinks About Biden

Republican Representative French Hill of Arkansas recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the Biden administration’s excessive spending and the GOP’s plans to tackle the debt ceiling. Rep. Hill called out President Biden, labeling him an economic illiterate.


Since taking office, President Biden has been pushing an agenda that includes trillions of dollars in spending on everything from infrastructure to social programs. While the administration claims these policies will help boost the economy, many Republicans are concerned that they will ultimately lead to inflation and economic stagnation.

According to Rep. Hill, the GOP has a plan to tackle the debt ceiling and prevent the country from going into default. He argues that the Democrats’ excessive spending has put the country in a precarious financial position, and the GOP is working to ensure that our nation remains financially stable.

In the coming months, we will continue to monitor the Biden administration’s spending and push for responsible economic policies that prioritize the interests of all Americans.