You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Biden Dismissed as “Wacko”

The Biden administration is once again attacking American businesses with its latest proposal to require fossil fuel-fired power plants to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions or face costly carbon capture technology. This proposed regulation would be the first-ever federal action aimed at reducing power plant emissions and is set to be released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the coming months.

While the Biden administration claims that the regulation is necessary to combat climate change, many Republicans are concerned that it will harm the fossil fuel industry and result in electricity shortages. It’s essential that we prioritize the environment and work towards reducing emissions, but it must be done in a practical and responsible manner that doesn’t hurt American businesses and consumers.

As a 12th grader, you may not be familiar with all of the complexities of environmental policy, but you can understand that the Biden administration’s plan is just another attempt to hurt American businesses. We need to support policies that balance environmental protection with economic growth, rather than pushing for measures that harm American businesses and consumers.