Unbelievable News About Biden’s Latest International Misstep

Republican leader Nikki Haley has voiced her criticism of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for their failure to take action during the recent attempted coup in Russia.

Haley, a potential presidential candidate, highlighted the vulnerability of the Russian leadership compared to Ukraine and called for immediate support to help Ukraine reclaim its land and bring an end to the ongoing war.

Expressing her disappointment, Haley stated that the United States and its allies could have sent a powerful message to Russia, China, and Iran had Biden and Harris been proactive rather than “asleep at the switch.”

Over the weekend, Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group, and his private military organization made headlines when they seized control of Russian military bases and initiated a march towards Moscow. However, the standoff was short-lived, and negotiations facilitated by Belarus led to Prigozhin’s retreat.

While the Kremlin claims to have resolved the situation through a deal that grants amnesty to Prigozhin and his soldiers, this mutiny posed a significant challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin, unlike anything he has faced in the past two decades.

President Biden responded by emphasizing that the United States is assessing the situation and prioritizing the establishment of its non-involvement. Biden underlined that the focus is to ensure that Putin cannot blame the West or NATO for the incident and reaffirmed that the United States had no role in it.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed Biden’s remarks, stating that the situation is an internal matter for Russia. He suggested that this challenge might inadvertently benefit Ukraine’s counteroffensive, diverting Moscow’s attention from its aggression against Ukraine.

This attempted coup raises important questions about Russia’s internal dynamics and its implications for the region. The world is closely watching how the situation unfolds, and it highlights the necessity for strong leadership and decisive actions in times of crisis.

Source Fox News