Discover The New Face Of Alleged Censorship In America

The House Weaponization Subcommittee accuses CISA of censoring Americans and colluding with Big Tech.
CISA expanded its mission from cybersecurity to surveilling Americans’ speech on social media.
CISA funded organizations to create reporting portals that funneled “misinformation” reports to social media platforms.
CISA attempted to cover up its censorship and surveillance activities.
CISA’s focus on “malformation” raises concerns about government manipulation of information.


CISA abused its authority by censoring Americans and colluding with Big Tech.
The report reveals how CISA tried to hide its unconstitutional activities from the public.
CISA’s definition of “malformation” allows the government to control the narrative.
The advisory MDM Subcommittee included Big Tech representatives and government officials, compromising free speech.
Chairman Jim Jordan and his committee are committed to investigating and holding CISA accountable.


The revelations in this report are deeply troubling and highlight the erosion of free speech under the Biden administration. CISA’s overreach and collaboration with Big Tech demonstrate a concerted effort to stifle dissenting opinions and control the flow of information.

It is crucial that we stand up for our constitutional rights and demand transparency and accountability from our government agencies. Free speech is the bedrock of democracy, and we must protect it at all costs.

Chairman Jim Jordan’s continued investigation into this matter is a necessary step toward restoring the principles that our great nation was built upon. Let us remain vigilant and unwavering in our defense of free speech and the values that make America exceptional.

Source Fox News