The Unbelievable Just Happened, You Won’t Want To Miss This

“Senator James Lankford, a Republican from Oklahoma, recently sat down for an interview with the Daily Mail to discuss the critical issue of religious liberty and the Biden administration’s failure to protect it. Drawing from his personal faith and 22 years of experience as a Christian minister, Lankford emphasized the significance of religious freedom beyond mere worship.

According to Lankford, religious liberty extends to the ability to practice and live out one’s faith openly. He expressed concerns that the Biden administration is disregarding basic legal protections for religious beliefs, citing a specific case involving a nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center who was scheduled to assist with an elective abortion despite her objections.

Lankford argued that the administration’s inaction in this case violated the nurse’s conscience rights, highlighting the need for stronger safeguards to protect religious liberty.

Additionally, Lankford emphasized the importance of the abortion issue in the 2024 presidential election, framing it as a cultural question about the value we place on every child. He challenged us to consider whether we view certain children as disposable or if we truly believe in the worth and sanctity of every human life.

As passionate Republican voters, it is crucial for us to rally behind Sen. Lankford in his fight to defend religious liberty. The Biden administration must be held accountable for its failure to uphold the constitutional rights that guarantee our freedom of religion.

Let us unite in support of Lankford’s efforts to ensure that every individual can practice their faith without fear of persecution or coercion. Religious liberty is a fundamental pillar of our nation, and we must protect it for future generations.”

Source Fox News