Denial of Their Own, A Top Leader Stirs Controversy

“President Joe Biden finds himself at the center of controversy once again, as conservatives express their outrage over his decision to exclude his seventh grandchild, Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, from public acknowledgment. Recent reports reveal that the president’s aides have been instructed to publicly deny the existence of the child, even after Hunter settled his child support case in Arkansas.

A comprehensive article by The New York Times sheds light on the complexities of this family dispute, which revolves around money, corrosive politics, and the concept of the Biden legacy. According to insiders, White House aides have been directed to state that President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have six grandchildren, deliberately omitting their own flesh and blood.

In an event at the White House, President Biden explicitly mentioned six grandchildren by name, conveniently leaving out his estranged granddaughter. The omission was also evident during the annual tradition of hanging Christmas stockings at the White House, where the seventh grandchild was excluded for the second year in a row. These deliberate actions have raised serious concerns and questions about the values and integrity of the Biden family.

As President Biden potentially prepares for a re-election campaign in 2024 and scrutiny into Hunter’s foreign business dealings continues, he has made a sudden effort to publicly embrace his son and grandson, bringing them to Camp David on consecutive weekends. However, these attempts to improve public perception cannot overshadow the lingering doubts surrounding Hunter Biden and his connection to his father.

Conservatives have taken to social media to express their disappointment and sadness over the Bidens’ decision to exclude their granddaughter. This deliberate act of hiding a family member from the American people has been met with strong criticism.

As Republicans, it is essential for us to remain vigilant and hold President Biden accountable for his actions, both as a leader and as a family man.

Despite reaching out to the White House for a comment, the Fox News Digital team has yet to receive a response. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, and it is our responsibility to demand nothing less.”

Source Fox News