Shocking Revelation: What Biden’s Been Keeping Under Wraps

President Biden’s recent acknowledgment of his seventh grandchild has raised eyebrows and fueled debates across the political spectrum. In a statement to People magazine, Biden introduced Navy Joan Roberts, his 4-year-old granddaughter from his son Hunter Biden’s previous relationship.

Some conservatives have criticized the timing of this announcement, calling it a “”Friday night news dump.”” While Biden claims it’s a family matter and not political, others suspect it’s a strategic move to avoid potential political repercussions.

According to insider sources, Biden sought counsel and approval from his son Hunter before making the announcement. His cautious approach throughout the legal case surrounding Navy’s mother indicates he follows his son’s guidance on sensitive matters.

Republicans have seized this opportunity to challenge Biden’s commitment to family values. They accuse him of hypocrisy, claiming that his reticence about his youngest granddaughter undermines his claims about the importance of family in his life. The emotional aspect of Biden’s family narrative is being invoked to paint him as a heartless politician who disregards his granddaughter’s well-being for political gain.

Biden’s aides were reportedly caught off guard by the intensity of the backlash. They anticipated attacks on this matter since the 2020 election but failed to develop a robust response. Initially, they considered downplaying the issue by stating Biden had only six grandchildren, but the controversy was reignited by a critical column in The New York Times.

As we move forward, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and hold our leaders accountable for their actions. While the Biden family dynamics may become a talking point in the 2024 election, let’s focus on demanding transparency and integrity from our leaders, regardless of political affiliation.

Source Fox News