The Hidden Power Of A “Very Powerful Name”

In a recent interview before the House Oversight Committee, Devon Archer, a business associate of Hunter Biden, shed light on the former vice president’s son’s foreign business dealings. Archer’s testimony revealed that Hunter strategically used his father’s name as “”defensive leverage”” and an asset to secure lucrative ventures.

While Hunter Biden never explicitly stated, “”we’re going to use my dad for this,”” he allegedly relied on the Biden name to gain leverage in business negotiations. Archer clarified that the value brought by Hunter Biden’s association with his father’s name was significant, contributing to the success of their endeavors.

Archer’s testimony further highlighted how Hunter Biden put then-Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone during meetings with business partners to sell “”the brand.”” The Biden name was a powerful tool in attracting foreign investments and securing deals for Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas firm on whose board Hunter served.

Critics argue that these business dealings raise concerns of influence peddling and conflicts of interest, while supporters maintain that they are part of a broader disinformation campaign. The ongoing investigation by the House Oversight Committee will likely continue to spark heated debates and scrutiny.

Source Fox News