Republican Candidate Exposes Biden’s DOJ Secrets

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican presidential hopeful, recently made headlines when he spoke out against what he believes are “”forces within Biden’s DOJ”” protecting the president’s family. Scott expressed concerns that vital information about Hunter Biden’s activities has been suppressed, and he vowed to take action if elected to the highest office.

According to Scott, the inexplicable leniency shown towards Hunter Biden is a glaring example of DOJ manipulation, with the agency often being used to target Republicans and shield Democrats. He firmly believes that evidence related to Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings, including drugs, guns, and contracts, should not be hidden away for years, raising suspicion about potential interference from within the DOJ.

Hunter Biden’s recent court appearance in Delaware further fueled discussions. His plea deal fell apart, and he pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor tax counts, aiming to avoid a more severe felony gun charge. Additionally, he was expected to reach a pretrial diversion agreement concerning a separate felony charge of firearm possession while unlawfully using controlled substances.

The court hearing raised questions about the ongoing investigation and potential future charges, leaving some lingering uncertainty.

The DOJ’s investigation into a possible FARA violation involving Hunter Biden came to light during the proceedings. A willful FARA violation could lead to imprisonment of up to five years and a fine of $250,000, or both.

Senator Tim Scott’s unwavering determination to address DOJ’s alleged bias and misuse of power has struck a chord with passionate Republican voters. As the 2024 presidential race gains momentum, Scott’s promises of accountability and reform are likely to garner support from conservatives across the nation.

Source Fox News