Another Eye-Opening Interview, You’ll Never Guess Who

Hey fellow Republican voters, buckle up for some eye-opening news about President Biden and his son’s business dealings. Fox News Digital has been digging deep, and the revelations are just getting started.

Remember President Biden’s repeated claims of having no knowledge of his son’s business affairs? Well, those claims are starting to crumble under the weight of mounting allegations. Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and business partner, Devon Archer, is scheduled to speak before Congress next week. And believe me, folks, what he says could shake the foundation of Biden’s denial.

According to reports, Archer might confirm that President Biden met with over a dozen of Hunter’s business associates while he was vice president. That’s a big deal, given the president’s insistence that he never discussed business with his son. The evidence is stacking up, and it’s becoming harder for Biden to maintain his narrative.

But wait, there’s more! IRS whistleblowers have stepped forward with explosive claims about interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s affairs. One whistleblower even alleges that Hunter used his father’s name to pressure a Chinese business partner. And guess what? We’ve got a voicemail from 2018 where President Biden seemingly talks about his son’s business dealings.

The evidence is piling up, my friends. Pictures from Hunter Biden’s laptop raise questions about whether both Bidens were in the same house during a crucial business call. It’s time to ask some serious questions and demand answers.

The House Oversight Committee is digging deeper into Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals. Reports suggest that Hunter would introduce his father to foreign partners and investors, even putting him on speaker during calls to impress them. Talk about using your influence!

This story is far from over, folks. Stay tuned as we continue to uncover the truth. Transparency and accountability are essential, especially when it comes to our leaders. Let’s keep pushing for the facts and demand the answers we deserve.

Source Fox News