Harris Faces FURIOUS Protesters After Colbert Interview: Guess Why!

America faces the daunting prospect of another four years with Kamala Harris as Vice President as the 2024 campaign approaches.

Harris appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, attempting to address rumors that Joe Biden might replace her as his running mate.

She claimed that she would run with Biden if he decided to do so, but her uneasy laughter raised questions about her certainty.

Harris also compared her chaotic vice presidency to the comedy show “Veep.”

She shared a humorous story about accidentally filling her office with smoke, further highlighting the disorder surrounding her role.

Meanwhile, protesters outside the show chanted “lock her up!” as she left, expressing their dissatisfaction with her performance.

As the 2024 election draws closer, it is essential for Republican voters to remember these moments and work to ensure that America doesn’t face another term with Kamala Harris as Vice President.

The American people deserve better leadership and stability in the White House.

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