Another shocking decision that you’ll never guess who made.

President Joe Biden’s decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine has ignited a heated debate among lawmakers and citizens across the political spectrum.

Cluster munitions, known for releasing smaller explosives over a wide area, have been banned by numerous countries due to their potential harm to innocent civilians. While some argue that Ukraine needs these weapons to defend itself against Russia’s aggression, others express deep concerns about the risks involved.

Rep. Betty McCollum, the top Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, has strongly criticized the Biden administration’s move. She believes that the transfer of cluster munitions is unnecessary and a grave mistake, pointing to the devastating consequences of these weapons in past conflicts.

The cleanup efforts and cost associated with cluster munitions continue to burden nations, such as Laos, even decades after their use.

Acknowledging the risk to civilians, the White House argues that Ukraine’s lack of adequate weaponry leaves them vulnerable to Russia’s troops. They assure the public that the munitions being sent have a low “”dud rate”” of below 3%, which reduces the chances of unintended casualties.

The debate within the Democratic Party is evident, with Rep. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, commending President Biden for providing Ukraine with the means to defend itself. Cotton emphasizes the importance of Ukraine having equal access to weapons that Russia already uses against them, including cluster munitions.

However, Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democrat from California, expresses her alarm at the consideration of sending cluster bombs to Ukraine. She warns about the long-lasting threat these munitions pose, as unexploded bomblets can remain active for years, endangering civilians.

This decision by the Biden administration requires careful examination and consideration. While Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and self-defense is vital, the use of cluster munitions raises ethical questions and demands a balanced assessment of the potential consequences. Peaceful resolutions and diplomatic efforts should be prioritized over resorting to the use of such contentious weaponry.

Source Fox News