Another Biden BLUNDER And Guess Which Fox News Host Hit The BULLSEYE

President Biden’s economic policies are coming under fire from conservative critics who accuse him of bailing out wealthy account holders at the Silicon Valley Bank and engaging in socialist-Marxist governance.

Radio host Mark Levin recently called Biden an “economic illiterate” and criticized him for destroying America’s banking system, food supply chains, immigration system, student loan system, and energy system.

Critics also argue that Biden’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is misguided and goes against real equality and inclusion.

They accuse him of playing into Marxist class warfare and pitting the rich against the poor, which they claim does nothing to lower food or gas prices, reduce crime rates, or secure the border.

According to Levin and other critics, Biden takes autocratic powers and governs by fiat, disregarding America’s system of three coequal branches of government.

They warn that he is a radical who is destroying the country and urge Americans to stand up against his policies.

These criticisms reflect the views of many passionate Republican voters who believe that Biden’s policies are leading the country in the wrong direction.

They see him as a threat to American democracy and an advocate for socialism and Marxism.