You’ll Never Guess Who’s Switched Political Allegiances

In a surprising turn of events, a former staffer for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come under scrutiny for her association with the New York Communist Party. Justine Medina, who worked for AOC from February to November 2020, has taken on a senior role within an organization that stands in opposition to the principles upon which America was founded.

According to the New York Post, Medina, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, received a significant salary from AOC during her time as a staffer. However, her true political leanings became apparent when she assumed a senior position within the New York Communist Party, as reported by People’s World, a Communist Party newspaper.

Medina’s communist beliefs were evident in her social media posts prior to and during her employment with AOC. On platforms like Twitter, she boldly championed communism as a system that promotes equality, democracy, peace, and the advancement of workers and the oppressed. However, history has shown time and again that communism leads to tyranny, oppression, and economic stagnation.

During her time with the New York Democrat, Medina claimed responsibility for organizing and writing policy language alongside anti-war veterans and the peace movement. It is deeply concerning that someone with such radical beliefs had a direct hand in shaping policy within our government. The implications of this association cannot be understated.

Even more concerning is AOC’s continued following of Medina on Twitter, indicating a disturbing connection between the congresswoman and far-left ideologies. It raises questions about AOC’s own political leanings and her alignment with individuals who embrace extreme ideologies that stand against the principles of liberty and individual freedom.

Medina has wasted no time using her newfound platform to advance her radical agenda. Recently, she organized a protest demanding a “Rent Rollback” from New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams. This is just one example of her involvement in progressive demonstrations. In fact, she was arrested multiple times during the Black Lives Matter riots in June 2020.

Furthermore, Medina played a pivotal role in organizing efforts to unionize Amazon’s workforce, effectively derailing the company’s plans to establish headquarters in New York City. This misguided action has had severe repercussions, hindering economic growth and depriving countless Americans of job opportunities.

It’s worth noting that Medina’s father, Omar Medina, a Cuban-American lawyer, has made substantial donations to political candidates like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. However, he vehemently disapproves of his daughter’s affiliation with communism, as his family personally experienced the oppressive nature of that system.

The shocking betrayal of American ideals displayed by Justine Medina serves as a stark reminder of the dangerous ideologies that threaten to undermine our nation. We must remain vigilant in defending the principles upon which America was built and ensuring that radical beliefs find no place in our government.

Stay tuned as we continue to uncover the truth about the concerning associations between AOC and individuals who embrace dangerous ideologies that directly contradict the foundations of our great nation.

Source conservative brief