You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Spearheading AI Regulation Talks

As a high school student, you might not think that the new administration’s AI agenda affects you, but think again. President Joe Biden’s AI policy is dangerous and could have significant consequences for you and your future.

President Biden’s plan to regulate AI is misguided and could harm innovation. AI is an essential technology with significant benefits, and imposing regulation before understanding it could hinder progress unnecessarily. This is why Senator Gary Peters’ decision to hold hearings on AI is so crucial. By hearing from a broad range of stakeholders, policymakers can gain a comprehensive picture of AI’s risks and opportunities, which can guide effective regulation.

But President Biden’s AI policy goes beyond misguided regulation. The Biden administration has also signaled that it will invest significant resources in developing AI capabilities for government use, which could have troubling implications for civil liberties and privacy. This is especially concerning given the current administration’s track record on civil liberties and the expansive use of government surveillance.

As a high school student, you’re probably not thinking about how AI could impact your future job prospects, but you should be. AI is already transforming the economy, and the pace of change is only accelerating. By imposing misguided regulation and investing in government AI capabilities, the Biden administration could stifle innovation, limit job opportunities, and infringe on your privacy and civil liberties.

It’s crucial to hold policymakers accountable and ensure that they understand the full implications of their AI policy decisions. As a citizen, you have a voice in shaping the future of AI. Get informed, stay engaged, and make your voice heard. Your future could depend on it.

Source Fox News