You’ll Never Guess Who’s Pointing Fingers At The Administration Now.

Hello, fellow Republicans! We’re about to dive into a story that’ll really get you thinking. As we know, President Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete debacle. But now, the emotional testimonies from the families of the 13 U.S. service members who tragically lost their lives have brought to light another concerning issue – Biden’s treatment of Gold Star families.

Recently, Congressman Darrell Issa organized a forum where Gold Star families spoke out, expressing their feelings of being misled and abandoned by their own government. Imagine that – families who have already suffered so much were let down by the very leaders who should have been supporting them.

Some of these courageous family members even called for Biden and his top Cabinet officials to step down. One father, whose U.S. Marine child was lost, went as far as telling the president to “”act like a grown-up.”” Talk about speaking truth to power!

Remember the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco? It wasn’t just a hiccup – it became a turning point in how the public perceives President Biden. His competency and leadership were called into question as Taliban insurgents quickly seized control of the country just days after the U.S. withdrew. What a glaring failure.

Biden had confidently stated that a Taliban takeover was “”highly unlikely.”” Well, that prediction turned out to be way off. And then, during the chaotic evacuation at Kabul airport, a devastating terrorist attack claimed 183 lives, including those of 13 U.S. service members. This tragedy highlighted the consequences of poor decision-making by leadership.

But wait, it gets worse. Biden’s evacuation left behind not just a few, but hundreds of U.S. citizens and countless Afghan allies, directly contradicting his earlier promise to “”get them all out.”” The failures just kept adding up, yet accountability seemed to be in short supply.

Our brave men and women in uniform, those who had served honorably, were abandoned by their own commander-in-chief. Instead of taking responsibility, Biden resorted to shifting blame, pointing fingers at both former President Trump and the Afghan military. No accountability for his own administration’s failures, just finger-pointing.

And let’s not forget how he treated Gold Star families – it was utterly disgraceful. The stories are heartbreaking. One mother was fed lies about her son’s death, while another father accused Biden of exploiting his Marine son for political gain. These families deserved respect, but they were met with indifference and neglect.

Fellow Republicans, it’s time to demand accountability from our leaders. This isn’t about party politics; it’s about honoring the sacrifices made by those who gave everything for our country.

Let’s demand better. Let’s call for leadership that genuinely cares about our troops and their families. Let’s remember these stories and use our voices to ensure that this kind of disrespect never happens again. Stay strong and stay true to our conservative values!

Source Fox News