You’ll Never Guess Who’s Now Tied To Biden’s Deals

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has unveiled a startling revelation that implicates former President Barack Obama in the questionable international business dealings of the Biden family. Comer, known for his sharp investigative skills, dropped this bombshell during a recent interview, shedding light on Obama’s potential knowledge of the Biden family’s activities.

Comer suggested that Obama was fully aware of what Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was involved in during his father’s last year as vice president. It seems Obama recognized the unsavory nature of Hunter Biden’s actions and understood the negative impact they could have not only on our nation but also on the Democratic Party and his own legacy.

Furthermore, Comer hinted at the possibility that Obama’s awareness of the Biden family’s business dealings influenced his reluctance to wholeheartedly endorse Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020. This revelation raises questions about the ethical implications surrounding the Biden family and casts doubt on the integrity of the previous administration.

Comer went on to suggest that the Obama administration may have engaged in cover-ups to protect the Bidens. This claim underscores the need for further investigation and scrutiny into the deep state bureaucracy that may have been involved in concealing the truth.

As witnesses step forward, despite facing threats and intimidation from Hunter Biden’s legal team, it becomes increasingly apparent that the truth must be exposed. The pressure on cooperating banks and witnesses from high-ranking Democratic officials is deeply concerning and warrants immediate attention.

The American people deserve transparency, accountability, and justice. It is essential to question Obama under oath to ascertain the extent of his knowledge about Joe Biden’s foreign policy and dealings with questionable nations. The truth must prevail, and those involved in any illicit activities should face the consequences.

Source Fox News