You’ll never guess who tried to set up an account with a troubled bank.

Recent revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukrainian energy firm and a Maltese bank have cast a dark cloud over the Biden family’s reputation. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Hunter engaged in discussions to set up an account with SataBank during his father’s vice presidency.

The bank, which eventually faced closure due to money laundering concerns, raises serious questions about the Biden family’s business practices.

Let’s delve into the details. Hunter Biden, who has already faced legal consequences for tax violations and a felony gun charge, served as a board member of Burisma from 2014 to 2019. It was during this period that he had discussions with a top Burisma executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, regarding the establishment of an account at SataBank in 2016.

Coincidentally, around the same time, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware initiated an investigation into potential tax and money laundering violations by Hunter.

The Malta Financial Services Authority froze SataBank’s assets due to money laundering concerns within the bank’s operations, aligning with the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden. Ultimately, in December of last year, SataBank was officially liquidated by the Maltese government.

However, before its closure, Hunter provided his passport and tax information as part of the account setup process, as requested by Pozharskyi in an email exchange.

The email conversation between Pozharskyi and Hunter Biden sheds light on their attempts to establish the bank account. Pozharskyi requested certified copies of passports, bank reference letters, and recent utility bills as proof of residential address.

Hunter, in response, mentioned his travel commitments with his father, which had led to his passport being abroad. Subsequently, Pozharskyi shared the bank’s SWIFT code and address with Hunter and another recipient.

These revelations raise serious concerns about the ethical and legal implications of the Biden family’s business dealings. The House Oversight and Accountability Committee has been investigating the family’s overseas ventures, revealing the creation of more than 20 companies and the receipt of over $10 million from foreign nationals during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president.

It is crucial for us, as responsible citizens, to demand transparency and accountability from our elected officials. The integrity of our democratic system relies on upholding the rule of law and ethical conduct. We cannot allow political affiliations to blind us to potential wrongdoing. The American people deserve honesty and a full examination of these concerning activities involving Hunter Biden and the Biden family.

As this story continues to develop, it is essential that we stay informed and seek the truth. Upholding the principles of transparency and justice is paramount for the well-being of our nation. Let us stand united in our pursuit of the facts and hold our leaders accountable for their actions. Stay tuned as we uncover further details in this ongoing saga.

Source Fox News