Image credit: Washington Post

It was about time…

It was hinted that Eric Swalwell was to drop out of the presidential race and he just confirmed he has dropped out of the race in a tweet.

Rumors began to swirl over the weekend that Swalwell would drop out of the running to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020 after a Capitol Hill source told The Los Angeles Times.

Swalwell then confirmed the news on twitter.



  1. Who? One less “healthcare for all illegals” Democrat? They need to find a real candidate who thinks a little more like the majority of Americans. Of course I am not hoping that they do. Just saying.

  2. They All should Drop out ! It’s a total waste of money for them to waste, Give the money to a charity. Trump is going to take them all down anyway , They gotta know this ! Step aside American has Woken Up ! Trump 20/20 MAGA ! Get a Freaking Job !


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