You’ll Never Guess Who Dined With Biden In 2015

The House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings has turned its attention to Eric Schwerin, his former friend and longtime business partner. Schwerin, who served as the founding partner and managing director of Hunter Biden’s now-defunct firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, made multiple visits to the Obama White House and then-Vice President Joe Biden’s residence between 2009 and 2016.

Initial reports indicated that Schwerin visited these places 27 times during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. However, a more thorough examination revealed that the actual number was at least 36.

The investigation raises questions about the connections between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his father’s political career. Emails from Hunter Biden suggest that Schwerin sought his appointment to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad shortly after Obama’s election victory in 2008.

The number of White House visits attributed to Schwerin could be higher if any of his meetings fell under the “”purely personal guests”” exception, which exempts such records from public release.

One notable visit was in November 2010 when Schwerin met Joe Biden in the West Wing. Additionally, Schwerin attended several holiday receptions at Joe Biden’s residence, including one in December 2015, shortly after Joe Biden’s contentious trip to Ukraine.

Schwerin’s connections with Hunter Biden’s business associates, including individuals from Burisma, have raised further questions about Joe Biden’s involvement in these affairs, contradicting previous denials from the Biden campaign and the White House.

As the investigation continues, it will provide more insights into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and their potential implications on Joe Biden’s political career. For the latest updates on this developing story, follow Fox News for comprehensive coverage.

Source Fox News