You’ll Never Guess who CNN’s fact-checker keeps avoiding.

The disparity in CNN’s fact-checking practices during the Biden administration is raising eyebrows among those seeking fair and balanced reporting. CNN’s chief fact-checker, Daniel Dale, appears to have a laser focus on scrutinizing Republicans while giving President Biden a pass.

A glance at Dale’s online database reveals that he hasn’t fact-checked President Biden since March 30. In contrast, he has fact-checked Republicans, including Trump, a whopping 21 times. This lopsided approach leaves one questioning the objectivity of CNN’s fact-checking process.

The “Biden White House” section of CNN’s fact-check site is overwhelmingly populated with fact-checks of former President Trump rather than President Biden. This peculiar prioritization suggests a potential partisan agenda at play.

Dale, self-proclaimed as the first media member to fact-check every false claim by Trump, seems to have lost sight of his duty to fact-check President Biden.

Instead, he focuses on fact-checking statements made by Trump in relation to his federal indictment. This selective targeting of Republicans undermines the credibility of CNN’s fact-checking efforts.

The fact-checks listed under “Congress” predominantly examine claims made by Republicans and public figures like Elon Musk. Democrats are noticeably absent from the list, while Republicans such as Trump, Senator Tim Scott, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Representative George Santos dominate the entries.

It is concerning that recent claims made by President Biden, such as his statements about his family, have not undergone the same level of scrutiny.

Claims like Biden having only four granddaughters or his son Beau’s death in Iraq remain unchecked. This disparity in fact-checking raises questions about CNN’s commitment to unbiased reporting.

Tim Graham from the Media Research Center rightfully criticizes the notion of “independent fact-checkers” when their targeting seems overwhelmingly biased.

While these fact-checkers may not receive direct payments from the Democrats, their focus on Republicans creates a perception of bias. CNN’s fixation on Trump appears to overshadow the current president, Joe Biden, suggesting a lack of seriousness in evaluating Biden’s statements.

CNN’s fact-checking department requires a thorough reassessment. The bias against Republicans, particularly Trump, is evident and undermines the network’s credibility. To restore balance and transparency, CNN should address this bias or bring in fact-checkers capable of providing unbiased scrutiny across the political spectrum.

Source Fox News