You’ll NEVER Guess Which LIBERAL City Just Got Called Out for Their Reparations Fiasco

On “The Ingraham Angle,” former Black Lives Matter activist Xavier DuRousseau criticized San Francisco’s support for reparations, accusing the city of using the plan to manipulate minorities through social justice “virtue-signaling.”

DuRousseau, now associated with PragerU, discussed the unrealistic promises being made and the city’s misplaced priorities.


DuRousseau believes reparations are a way to deceive Black Americans into thinking they need handouts.

San Francisco’s promises of money, property and debt forgiveness are unrealistic and unlikely to be implemented. The city’s focus on addressing slavery, rather than helping homeless veterans, is misguided.

White liberals supporting reparations are often unwilling to contribute personally.

DuRousseau accuses pro-reparations and BLM activists of exploiting Black people for their own gain.


As Republicans, we must be aware of the deceptive tactics employed by some on the left.

DuRousseau’s experience and insights provide a valuable perspective on the reparations issue.

Instead of supporting divisive and impractical proposals, we should focus on policies that promote unity, personal responsibility, and genuine assistance to those in need.