You’ll NEVER Guess Which Governor Is Defying Biden’s CRAZY Proposal

The Biden administration is at it again. They’re pushing a radical agenda that threatens to undermine our values and the integrity of our institutions. This time, they’re targeting girls’ sports by proposing changes to Title IX rules that would allow biological men who identify as transgender to compete against women.

Thankfully, there are leaders like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem who are willing to fight back.

Governor Noem has vowed to defend her state’s laws and ensure that only biological girls are allowed to play on girls’ sports teams. She’s even willing to take the Biden administration to court over this issue.

The proposed changes to Title IX are an affront to common sense and basic biology. We cannot allow political correctness to trump fairness and equal opportunity.

Biological males have physical advantages that make it unfair for them to compete against biological females. Allowing them to do so is a clear violation of Title IX’s nondiscrimination mandate.

But the Biden administration doesn’t seem to care about fairness or biology. They’re more interested in appeasing a vocal minority than in protecting the rights of the majority.

They claim that the proposed changes will provide clarity for transgender students, but in reality, they will only create confusion and chaos.

Governor Noem is right to stand up to this radical agenda. She knows that girls’ sports are an important part of our culture and that we must protect them from the left’s attempts to destroy everything we hold dear.

We need more leaders like Governor Noem who are willing to fight for what’s right and defend our values from those who would seek to undermine them.