You’ll Never Guess Which Former Biden Aide Is Causing a Stir

A recent car crash involving Cedric Richmond, a former aide to Joe Biden and senior adviser to the Democratic National Committee, has sparked controversy and accusations of preferential treatment. On April 23, Richmond and his son were injured when their vehicle crashed into a tree in New Orleans. According to the police report, Richmond displayed signs of disorientation and slurred speech following the accident.

Surprisingly, Richmond was not subjected to a DUI test or issued a traffic citation. The decision was based on “the medical condition of the driver and the statement provided by the passenger of the vehicle.” However, doubts have been raised regarding the validity of these reasons.

Richmond’s son claimed that their car was forced off the road by an orange Corvette, but no evidence of such a vehicle was found at the scene. Anthony Radosti, a former New Orleans Police Department officer, criticized the use of the son’s testimony to justify the lack of citation.

This incident has highlighted concerns about preferential treatment for high-profile individuals. Tim Lentz, former chief of the Covington Police Department, acknowledged the existence of “acute political emergencies” where special considerations are given. However, he stressed the importance of providing proper guidance to prevent mistakes and ensure fairness.

The New Orleans Police Department defended their actions, stating that no alcohol odor was detected on Richmond, leading to the decision not to conduct impairment tests. They further justified the lack of citation issuance based on Richmond’s need for emergency treatment.

Critics argue that an investigation is necessary to ensure the incident was handled appropriately. Former NOPD superintendent Ronal Serpas emphasized the importance of reviewing the situation to determine whether correct protocols were followed.

Cedric Richmond has not responded to requests for comment, but he claims that the police report speaks for itself. However, the American public deserves transparency and accountability from their elected officials and law enforcement, regardless of political affiliation. We must seek answers and ensure that justice is served fairly and impartially.

Source Fox News