You’ll Never Guess Which Eco Company Just Filed Bankruptcy

Hello to all my fellow Republicans out there! We’ve got some news that you won’t hear from the mainstream media. Proterra, the electric bus company that President Biden hailed as a success story for his green energy agenda, has just filed for bankruptcy. That’s right, the same company that Biden showcased in his virtual tours and speeches is now struggling to keep afloat.

Proterra’s decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a clear sign that all is not well in the world of Biden’s energy policies. Despite all the fanfare, it seems that the reality on the ground doesn’t match the hype. CEO Gareth Joyce tried to put a positive spin on it, mentioning their impressive EV and battery tech, but the truth remains – market challenges and economic headwinds have pushed Proterra to the brink.

Remember when Biden proudly declared he used to be a bus driver during his virtual tour of Proterra’s facility? Well, that enthusiasm doesn’t change the fact that the company he endorsed is facing financial trouble. As passionate Republicans, let’s not be swayed by flashy speeches and photo ops. It’s time to take a closer look at the outcomes of these policies and hold our leaders accountable.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and let’s ensure that our nation’s energy plans are grounded in reality, not just rhetoric.

Source Fox News