You’ll NEVER Guess What’s Brewing in the Biden Family Scandal

Republican Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson are increasing their efforts to investigate alleged corruption within the Biden family.

The senators have questioned Facebook’s censorship of articles relating to Hunter Biden’s laptop, and new emails from the laptop raise further questions about Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s business deals.


Senators Grassley and Johnson are probing alleged Biden family corruption. Facebook previously censored articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Newly released emails suggest Joe Biden’s possible involvement in Hunter’s business deals. Hunter’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, was involved in the Biden family’s finances.

House Republicans have gained access to President Biden’s banking documents.


As Republican voters, we must remain vigilant and attentive to these ongoing investigations into the Biden family’s alleged corruption.

We cannot let potential wrongdoing go unnoticed or unaddressed.

As concerned citizens, it’s our duty to hold our leaders accountable and ensure that they act in the best interests of the American people.