You’ll Never Guess What Happened to This Tech Firm’s Federal Grant


Sen. John Barrasso expresses concern over the Department of Energy’s withdrawal of a $200 million grant from energy technology firm Microvast, leading to market fluctuations.

Barrasso demands transparency and accountability from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, seeking information on award negotiations and cancellation criteria.
The October grant announcement as part of the infrastructure package showcased the Biden administration’s commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Microvast’s significant ties to China, with 69% of revenue generated there, raise national security concerns.
Misleading press releases from the White House and the Department of Energy have confused investors.


  1. The withdrawal of a federal grant to Microvast sparks market volatility and raises questions about the government’s influence on stock prices.
  2. Sen. Barrasso calls for transparency and information regarding award negotiations and cancellation criteria.
  3. The grant withdrawal highlights the need for clarity in the Department of Energy’s decision-making processes.
  4. Microvast’s reliance on China for revenue and the Chinese government’s influence raises national security concerns.
  5. Misleading press releases have contributed to confusion and uncertainty among investors.

The Department of Energy’s abrupt withdrawal of a substantial Microvast grant has affected the market and raised serious questions about government transparency and accountability.

Sen. Barrasso’s demand for answers is justified, as investors deserve clarity on the award processes and criteria employed by the Department. The ties between Microvast and China further compound the concerns, with national security considerations at stake.

It is crucial for the Biden administration to address these issues and restore confidence in its decision-making processes to ensure the best interests of American taxpayers and investors are served.

Source Fox News