You’ll Never Guess The Key Player Behind Future Forward PAC

The upcoming 2024 presidential race has taken an unexpected turn with revelations about undisclosed donations flowing into President Biden’s campaign. The Future Forward PAC, touted as a leading external supporter, reportedly raised a substantial $50 million this year to bolster Biden’s candidacy.

However, a closer look at the records suggests that this money might be stashed away in the affiliated dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action. Surprisingly, the Future Forward PAC declared a meager $67,000 in contributions during the first half of the year, mostly sourced from a vendor refund and in-kind donations.

The dark money nonprofit, known for hiding its donors, has historically transferred tens of millions to the PAC for electoral purposes. This setup could potentially give a significant boost to Biden’s campaign, thanks to anonymous contributions kept secret until after the election ramps up.

Ironically, President Biden, who once criticized dark money for eroding public trust, now finds himself propelled by millions of dollars in such funds. This political hypocrisy has left Americans disheartened.

Moreover, the Arabella Advisors consulting firm’s involvement adds another layer of secrecy, making it even harder to trace the original donors.

During the last presidential cycle, the Impetus Fund, a dark money group, channeled a whopping $55.8 million to Future Forward USA Action, as revealed in tax documents.

All these facts raise serious concerns about the source of these vast, anonymous sums of money influencing President Biden’s potential re-election. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, especially when it comes to funding political campaigns.

Let us unveil the shadows and shed light on the mysterious funding behind Biden’s 2024 campaign.

Source Fox News