You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Investing in American Soil

A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives, led by Rep. Abigail Spanberger and Rep. Dale Strong, to block foreign adversaries, particularly China, from acquiring U.S. farmland.

The bill aims to protect American agriculture from threats posed by hostile nations. A companion bill has also been introduced in the Senate, showcasing a unified front against foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land.

The legislation seeks to close loopholes, prevent Beijing-backed companies from acquiring farmland near military bases, and secure the integrity of our food and fiber market.


Bipartisan Cooperation: The bill exemplifies the ability of Republicans and Democrats to work together on issues of national interest, emphasizing the shared concern about foreign ownership of American farmland.
Protecting National Security: The legislation recognizes the potential risks associated with foreign control of farmland near sensitive military installations and aims to prevent such acquisitions.
Economic Implications: Large-scale purchases of American farmland by foreign entities, especially the Chinese Communist Party, could disrupt local economies and impact the agricultural industry, a vital sector in states like Virginia.
Transparency and Accountability: The bill seeks to enhance transparency by closing existing loopholes that hinder accurate tracking of foreign ownership of U.S. farmland, ensuring greater accountability and protection of national resources.
Securing the Food and Fiber Market: By blocking foreign adversaries’ access to U.S. farmland, the bill safeguards the integrity and independence of our food and fiber market, protecting American interests.

This bipartisan bill represents a significant step towards safeguarding American farmland from foreign influence. It demonstrates the commitment of lawmakers to prioritize national security and protect vital economic sectors like agriculture.

By addressing the risks associated with foreign ownership and enhancing transparency, this legislation ensures that our food and fiber market remains secure.

It is a proactive measure that highlights the importance of American sovereignty and sends a strong message to our adversaries that they will not compromise our national interests.

Source Fox News