You’ll be shocked to know who’s influencing AI policies.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has conducted research into the Biden administration’s plans for artificial intelligence (AI) and raised concerns about the potential injection of woke ideology into AI systems.

According to the AAF, top officials under President Biden are attempting to align AI with the woke left’s rules. They argue that the administration is using the pretext of fighting algorithmic discrimination and harmful bias to push a progressive agenda.

The AAF memo highlights various examples, including the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights released by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. This document calls for proactive equity assessments in AI system design to address algorithmic discrimination.

Arati Prabhakar, director of Biden’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, has emphasized the administration’s commitment to data equity and combating algorithmic discrimination. The goal is to root out bias in new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

The AAF memo also mentions the National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan, which focuses on fighting harmful biases and reducing inequities. It acknowledges that AI systems can recapitulate biases derived from unfiltered internet data.

The appointment of Miriam Vogel, president and CEO of EqualAI, to chair the National AI Advisory Committee has raised concerns about potential bias in AI decision-making.

Republican voters who value conservative principles and values should be aware of the Biden administration’s approach to AI. It is crucial to stay informed and engaged to protect American rights and safety in light of these concerns.

Source Fox News