You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who DOJ Is Targeting!

Hunter Biden, the first son of President Joe Biden, is facing potential charges related to tax and gun-related offenses. Let’s break down what this means and why it’s important:

Hunter is being investigated for lying on a federal gun purchasing form and committing tax offenses. These are serious charges that could result in significant legal consequences, including prison time and hefty fines.

The investigation has been ongoing for over four years and has caused frustration among federal investigators. An IRS whistleblower has alleged that Hunter has received preferential treatment under Attorney General Merrick Garland.

If charged, Hunter’s legal troubles could have implications for his family, including his father, President Joe Biden. There is mounting evidence that Joe Biden was complicit in Hunter’s corrupt business deals, which could become a major political issue.

The American people deserve to know that justice is being served, regardless of who is involved. It’s important that the DOJ makes a decision and holds Hunter accountable for his actions.

It’s also important to remember that Hunter is not the only person facing potential legal consequences. There are ongoing investigations into other members of the Biden family, including Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.

The investigation into Hunter’s legal troubles is just one example of the corruption and cronyism that plagues Washington. It’s time for politicians on both sides of the aisle to put the interests of the American people first and to root out corruption wherever it may be found.

In conclusion, Hunter Biden’s legal troubles are serious and should be thoroughly investigated. The American people deserve to know that justice is being served and that politicians are being held accountable for their actions.

Source conservative brief