Another Surprise Busload, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Front Yard

In a bold and defiant move, Texas Governor Greg Abbott once again sent a powerful message to the Biden administration by unloading a busload of migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border right at the doorstep of Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence at Number One Observatory Circle in Washington, D.C.

The scene was captured by an ABC local news station, which tweeted videos of migrants disembarking from the bus and retrieving their belongings from the storage area.

This is not the first time Governor Abbott has resorted to such a direct approach to drawing attention to the immigration crisis plaguing our nation.

Just last Christmas, a busload of migrants was dropped off outside Harris’s home, and similar actions took place in September and October, all aimed at holding the Biden administration accountable for their lackluster immigration enforcement and border security measures.

Governor Abbott’s determination to confront the administration’s negligence is admirable. In a letter addressed to President Biden, Abbott eloquently expressed the frustration felt by many Americans who have been left to suffer the consequences of open borders.

He highlighted how the president’s policies have left countless individuals exposed to bitter and dangerous cold, particularly as a polar vortex swept through Texas.

The burden placed upon Texas due to these open-border policies cannot be understated.

Governor Abbott pointed out that his state has borne a lopsided share of the responsibility caused by the administration’s failure to address this pressing issue. It is a burden that no state should have to shoulder alone.

As Title 42 expires, Governor Abbott clarified his intentions in an interview with Fox News’s Jesse Waters. He vowed to continue sending buses full of migrants not only to Washington, D.C. but also to liberal northern municipalities like New York and Chicago.

The governor’s message was clear: the fight for stronger immigration enforcement and border security is far from over.

Furthermore, Governor Abbott shared eye-opening statistics from Operation Lone Star, showcasing the incredible work Texas has done to protect its communities.

With 373,000 apprehensions, 28,000 criminal arrests, 402 million lethal fentanyl doses seized, and over 17,600 migrants bused to sanctuary cities, Texas has taken decisive action when others have faltered.

The governor’s unwavering commitment to the safety and security of Texans serves as a shining example of leadership. It reminds all Americans that we must hold our elected officials accountable and demand the enforcement of our immigration laws.

In the face of adversity, Governor Abbott stands strong, sending a resounding message to the Biden administration and advocating for the well-being of his fellow Texans.

The fight for a secure border continues, and we must rally behind leaders like Abbott who are willing to take a stand against policies that endanger our nation’s sovereignty and put American lives at risk.

Source Fox News