You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Republicans Plan to Unveil About Bidens

Joe Biden is in trouble, and America is in trouble too. Since his inauguration, Biden has made some disastrous decisions that are hurting America’s economy and national security.

Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline was a terrible mistake. The pipeline would have created thousands of jobs and helped America become more energy-independent. But instead, Biden chose to cancel it, putting thousands of Americans out of work and making America more reliant on foreign oil.

Biden’s immigration policies are also causing problems. His decision to halt the construction of the border wall and cancel the “Remain in Mexico” policy has caused a surge in illegal immigration. This is not only a threat to national security but is also straining our resources and putting a burden on taxpayers.

Finally, Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a disaster. His mandates and restrictions are causing more harm than good, and his administration has been slow to respond to the crisis. Americans deserve better leadership during this difficult time.

In conclusion, Joe Biden is bad news for America. His policies are hurting our economy, national security, and public health. It’s time for Americans to wake up and demand better leadership from their elected officials.

Source Fox News